PT1. Introduction

You were on a simple three day sea voyage for your own reasons. You saw each other around the but didn’t interact until the second day of the voyage. On that day the ship was struck by a sudden and aggressive storm which forced the crew and passengers under the deck for shelter. Once the storm passed you found yourselves in an impenetrable fog that made it impossible to navigate or even know if you were still on course. Several days were spent hoping that the fog would disparate while the supplies and rations dwindled.

All the while the First Mate could tell the crew was desperate and new it was his time to act against the old captain. In the very early morning he quietly gathered crew he knew were loyal to him and let themselves into the captains quarters as he slept. They gathered around The Captains bed and quickly set to work to end his life. That morning the First Mate and his mutineers awoke the rest of the starving crew and forced them to line up on deck, swear loyalty to the First mate, and eat a piece of the Captains cold body. Anyone who refused shared in his fate.

You silently witnessed this atrocity from between the planks below deck. You and the rest of the passengers new that you wouldn’t last long under the new administration and resolved to escape in one of the life boats as soon as the sun set.

You four are the only ones who survived.

You spent the next few days getting to know each other as you aimlessly drifted in the fog. You didn’t know if you would ever seen land again but even a slow death by dehydration was better than leaving your fate up to the mutineers. When it seemed just like your fate was sealed, one of you noticed the fog was getting thinner, and the water shallower. You look up and see it. Deep in the middle of the sea a lost island was waiting for you to land on its shore.

You land on its sandy banks and study its landscape overwhelmed with joy to be on solid ground again. To the left of the landing point you see a peninsula with many footprints leading two and from it, to your right the foot prints continue off into the distance towards several small plumes of smoke, and in front of you a great and ancient forest.

PT1. Introduction

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